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Cant quite believe that it is actually 'back to school' tomorrow!

Am going to complete one of these with the Nursery team and ask Reception to do the same. They make you really consider why you have the environment that you do and make sure it is driven by the needs of children.

Also found it a useful tool to use with staff who are more reluctant to shift their practice and they have to be able to find credible answers the the 'why' question rather than just say that they have always done!

An added bonus is that it is very Ofsted friendly and shows very simply and clearly that your 'drive and ambition' is to move children's learning forward on a needs driven basis.

Take it, play with it, re jig it – just repost it so that we can all share the love!

Download Abcdoes…environment map

Download Abcdoes…environment map 2003


5 Comments on “Environment Audit”

  1. Hi I have really enjoyed looking at the inspirational ideas and have been looking at reviewing the way we plan. I am keen to look at the planning formats you have in the resources included the objective led planning and CP. Im not sure if it is my computer but for some reason everytime I click on a resource it takes me to a page that is not working. Is there are way you might be able to send it via email?

  2. Hi Alistair, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to keep us updated. As a teacher new to year one I am finding your insights very valuable. My partner and I are reorganising our double entry year one classroom to make it open plan to incorporate continuous provision aswell as reorganising the curriculum. Like yourself we have spent quite a few days this summer emptying cupboards, organising, reorganising, positioning and then repositioning tables and cupboards to try to get the perfect set up. It’s been a lot of work and we still have lots to do. We have been looking at the EYFS data to help inform us what areas we need, Is there any chance you can do a 2003 version of your environment map as I would love to see whats on it. I cant open it at the moment but have a feeling its exactly what we are looking for to put down on paper why we have chosen the areas we have. (Ofsted looming !) Thank you. P.s. I am loving the photo updates too.

  3. Wow Alistair, i have just come across your blog and am totally inspired by you and your work! it is what i have always strived for but havent quite been able to get it onto paper – i must have changed my planning about ten times – but thats what makes us better practitioners! i have always hated the fact that we have been made to do medium term plans in the FS- how can you when you dont know the children and what they are interested in? if you truly follow the children and their achievements/interests, how can you say what you are teaching/covering in two weeks time? it just doesnt work! i love your planning and am defiantly going to be using it – i am in reception and am sure it works just as well. I have been playing about with it and have a few questions – i have done an “example” so i can get my head around it and show it to my staff – can i send it to you? i havent completed a blog before so im not sure how you do it!
    A few questions: Do you use a weekly plan to say what activity you will be doing each day or do you adult daily planners cover this? Will you give each adult a copy of this so they know what they are doing? Do you have weekly planning meetings with the children to ask them what they would like to do in their learning – in order to gain your child intiated info – or do you simply observe them and use what they are interested in their play as a basis for this – im so sorry to ask so many questions! Thanks once again for the amazing advice and info you are sharing! it is absolutely fab! sarah. as soon as i know how to attach i will attach my example plannning – just want to see im on the right lines! thanks again.

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