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  1. Starting a new job in September in a Nursery class in a primary school. They haven’t done much malleable play so far according to the TA’s, they WILL be doing lots from September!!!! Thanks, for reinvigorating my tired ideas. Kath.

  2. Hi Nicola
    Not off the top of my head but I have sent an email to Cosy and TTS to see if either of them stock them. Otherwise some kind and knowledgable person out there might know.
    Will keep you posted

  3. Hi Alistair,
    Do you know if you can get lower case metal alphabet cutters? I can’t find them anywhere (Amazon, Early Learning Centre etc).

  4. Go for pieces from nature, glitter, smelly stuff, cutters attached to a topic, letter/number formation boards. BUT in the end you will learn from the students and their interests if you are astute.

  5. Hi Alistair, am loving the blog and ‘sage’ words! Just a brief one to let you know that I make my ‘standard recipe’ playdough in the microwave rather than on the hob (I can get on with something else as it cooks, and there is always something else!!!).
    Microwave playdough
    400g (14oz) plain flour
    200g (7oz) salt
    50ml (2 Tbs) vegetable cooking oil (olive oil makes it so sticky as to be unusable!)
    20ml (4Tsp) cream of tartar
    600ml (20fl. oz) water
    food colouring
    put all in microwavable bowl, mixing to a smooth consistency. cook on full power for 3 minutes. A ‘crust’ will have formed (this is normal), and should be stirred back into the mixture. Cook again for 2 minutes and repeat the stirring in. continue in this manner, reducing the cooking time by 30 seconds until a ball of dough is formed. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead for 2 – 3 minutes.

  6. A handy tip for you. Instead of cooking the typical playdough recipe and you just use boiling water – there is no need to cook it. Dont know why but it works and there is no incredibly sticky pan to clean either! Awesum :O) only problem is that it doesn’t work those batwings the same but is quick and easy. Try it :O)

  7. hey Alistair I luv the blogs. We have used herbs that we have grown with the children that they can pick and adds texture too. U and playdough – the most legend and unforgettable experience in the south lakes! awesum. Keep em coming please xXx :o)

  8. Thanks for those fab recipes, can’t wait to get started on them. Not as a critcsm but you need to add a hyphen to the koolaid website – sorry!
    I have also used oats in a standard playdough recipe. Also added all sorts – cornflakes, rice, various scents. Using self-rainsing flour is fun too x

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