Back To School!

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Alistair So, this is how it went… Was working with a really lovely Head advising her on how we could move her Foundation Stage forward, Ofsted were due and there had been some staff changes.

Make a couple of visits, see loads of potential enjoy working with her put an action plan in place. Ofsted arrive and make their judgements – school has moved forward since last inspection especially in KS2 but FS still needs a little work.

Come up with a ‘post Ofsted’ cunning plan – all poised for action and then unfortunately one member of staff is ill and cannot work for the first half term.

I am gutted (as is the lovely Head) so in a moment of madness, I say that I will do it! Never mind all of the days I have booked in for the first half term in schools across the country (and the 5 in Dubai)! so I re arrange most of the days and get ready to put my money where my mouth is and go back into the classroom.

I will be teaching in Nursery. It has 2 sessions per day. I will also be acting EY Coordinator and training the staff in the 2 other Reception classes.

Am really excited but also feeling the fear as the LA Network are visiting the setting every fortnight for a ‘talk’ followed by a guided tour of the setting and an explanation of what I have done and why.

I intend to blog the lot so if you are interested, keep checking in and I will post all of the planning and assessment formats that I use plus photos of how the environment is developing.

Am going in at 7am every day this week just to get my head around the space and plan what I want to do with it.

I only have assessment on 2 of the children but know that talk/communication/vocab will be my main priority so am very much gearing my setting up to reflect that.

I am going to record ‘formally’ why my setting looks like it does and across the year maintain this record to show how I have changed it to meet the developing needs of the children.

Here are some photos of it ‘today’ before I start. It is a nice big space (I haven’t even started thinking about outdoors yet!)

View from door

This is the view from the door, kitchen to the left and more carpet and outdoors to the right!

The kitchen… I have asked the Site Manager to build me a wide step so the children can work at that counter with the chairs on it. We are going to be cooking with natural produce EVERY day.

This is the current role play area. As my main focus is language development I am planning to completely ‘de-structure’ so no walls or doors. no theme, no costumes just yards of fabric and loads of boxes tubes etc….with some boxes of enhancements prepared for when an adult is leading the play.

I am going to do each area in turn so will blog it as I do it otherwise my blogs will become like War and Peace. Am taking 2 helpers with me tomorrow Alfie 10 and Kenzie 8 (9 next week!) my eldest and middle sons. When I say helpers…..

I will of course blog my progress.


3 Comments on “Back To School!”

  1. Wow, how on earth do you find the time to do this blog? I am very inspired whilst at the same time very jealous of your energy! Please keep it up, I am very interested to see more!

  2. As an NQT about to start teaching in nursery I am finding your blog a real helping hand. The planning formats are a fantastic tool and I love the idea of a truly child led role play area- Thank you!

  3. Thank you for creating such a valuable site for early year practioners to be inspired. I am grateful for your expertise and your resources. They have helped me tremendously.
    Can’t wait to see how you progress!

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